Please make sure that you have understood and accepted our firm T&C before using our services.

Calculation of shipping fee

*Customers need to understand common calculation methods such as “Full Volumetric”, “No Volumetric”, and “Half Volumetric” by yourself before using our services.

  • Air freight

- No matter your goods are normal, sensitive, or Covid related products, charges are calculated according to below precedents:

1. If the actual weight is more than volumetric weight. Actual weight alone will be taken as the final weight

2. If the volumetric weight is more than actual weight. Actual Weight + Volumetric Weight / 2 = final weight

3. Final weight x Charges per KG = Actual Charges

  • Sea freight - Small parcel

- No matter your goods are normal or sensitive goods, the method of calculating transport charges is as below:

1.  Actual Weight or Volumetric Weight. Whichever is heavier will be charged.

*Actual Weight - The weight of the goods themselves, plus the weight of the packaging materials used for the goods.

*Formula of Volumetric Weight - Length x Width x Height / 6000

*If the parcel total CBM is greater than or equal to 0.5m³, our firm will have the rights to change the freight charges based on m³ calculation

  • Sea freight - Big parcel

- This channel has been separated into normal, sensitive, and East Coast.

- Unit of measurement will depend on Length x Weight x Height (m³).

*CIEF Lite is mainly for parcel consolidation purposes, otherwise, you will be recommended to use the original CIEF sea freight service to get a cheaper price.

Special Delivery Area
  • The consolidation services in East Malaysia are still being improved,  if you want to import your goods to East Malaysia, you can use our previous CIEF Worldwide services.

  • If you want to use the pipeline of [Sea freight - Big parcel] to deliver your goods to places listed below,  the different prices will be charged. 

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiries about the price.









  • Make sure that you enter the CORRECT [Customer Marking] and [Warehouse Address]

- When you place an order in Taobao, the receiver must put your “Customer Marking” to ease our warehouse staff to sign for your parcels.

- However, “customer markingcan’t be the criterion for goods entering our warehouse, you should fill up the [Arrange shipment] and submit to the system.

- Our warehouse address is the same for the air freight and sea freight, it can be checked in [Account] -> [Warehouse address].

- If you have made mistakes on your marking or address and your parcel has lost, you have to ask the seller to coordinate with the courier, our firm will not take any responsibilities and risks on this issue.

Sensitive goods
  • i.e. Electrical appliances, liquid, powder, food, branded and etc.

  • If the normal pipeline was chosen to deliver these sensitive goods, customers are required to take responsibility for the additional charges if the goods can’t pass the custom and are returned to China.

- For [Air freight] or [Sea freight - Big parcel], you have to choose the specific pipeline.

- For [Sea Freight - Small parcel], you have not necessary to classify your goods whether they are sensitive or not.

- Customers must reveal if in case the item description is not truthful, otherwise would be confiscated or fined by customs. Any additional costs and legal liabilities caused by misreporting the goods shall be borne by the customer.

  • Food products must be arranged shipments as soon as possible after storage, because:

1. Food has a short storage period and easily deteriorated in long-term storage.

2. Food emits odours will easily get bitten by rats, insects and ants.

  • In the case of rat, insect and ant bite, no compensation will be accepted.

  • In order to avoid these similar incidents, customers are required to pay attention to the following two points when submitting product orders:

    1. Please indicate food items in the goods remarks

    2. Please remind the seller to reinforce the packaging to avoid the smell of the food.

Fragile goods

  • Please recommend your suppliers pack your goods in a proper way and put on the fragile label to prevent any damages, especially those valuable goods.

  • If you request warehouse staff to help you pack your goods with wooden-frame or put on the fragile label, you can add on the services when you submit your shipping order.

Covid related products
  • i.e. Masks, hand sanitizers, protective goggles and others

  • ALL these goods should choose the specific pipeline for Covid-19 related products. Customers are required to take responsibility for the additional charges if the goods can't pass the custom and are returned to China.

- Air freight: Please choose [Covid related product]

- Sea freight: Please refer to the "Add-on Service Fees" section, additional costs are required.

  • Due to the rise of COVID-19, the export volume of masks has continued to increase. Due to the fact that there are many loading and unloading links in the transportation process, the packaging has probably been squeezed, damaged, and lost.

  • Now our firm has the following requirements for the delivery packaging of masks:

1. It needs to be packed in a carton and sealed with a woven bag.

2. There is no obvious writing or pattern (mask, mask, mask picture) on the waybill or on the outer packaging.

3. Be sure to add waterproof and moisture-proof packaging.

  • If the items are confiscated by the customs/government, our company will not compensate; because the mask is a special product, we will not accept claims for shortage of internal parts. If the whole ticket/box is lost, our company will compensate; please understand the inconvenience, thank you for your cooperation.

  • Customers must reveal if in case the item description is not truthful, otherwise would be confiscated or fined by customs.

Prohibited goods
  • Our firm refuses to keep for flammable and explosive goods. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiries on whether your goods can import or not.

  • Customers must reveal if in case the item description is not truthful, otherwise would be confiscated or fined by customs.

Cargo Packaging Declaration
  • If the goods are damaged such as boxes broken, crushed or bitten by small creatures such as rats and insects due to packaging problems, our company will not take responsibility for it.
  • Normal goods packaging methods must ensure that the hardness of the box is appropriate, no space was left in the box, and the H-type pasting method is used to seal the box.
  • Make sure the supplier attaches the identification stickers on Fragile or overweight goods.
  • Irregular goods must use suitable packaging methods such as boxes, bubble wrap, etc.
  • Heavy goods must be palletized so that the warehouse can use forklift service.
  • Heavy goods must be placed flat on the pallet, and should not exceed the area of ​​the pallet or placed on the pallet randomly.
  • The goods on the pallet must be tied with straps or use plastic wrap to secure the goods to prevent the goods from being scattered.
  • For cylindrical goods, use plastic wrap, tie wraps and wooden boards to secure the goods to prevent the goods from slipping.
  • Goods with irregular shapes cannot be palletized and must be placed in wooden boxes.
  • Food can be packaged in airtight, plastic wrap and woven bags.
  • Beverages must be fixed on the pallet to prevent leakage.
  • For more details, please refer to: https://www.cief-malaysia.com/blog-packaging-disclaimer/

Free warehouse storage/ Warehouse operating time 
  • ALL services will provide 30 days of free warehouse storage.

  • After 30 days, additional charges for RM1/batch will be charged by each day.

  • Our customers are suggested to put on the notice for the sellers/ suppliers to prevent them from sending the parcel when there is no one in our warehouse.

  • Notice/ remarks for sellers:

- Warehouse operating time: Mon to Fri 9am-5pm/ Sat 9am-12.30pm/ Sun Closed

Special cases
  • To protect our customers’ rights, if the warehouse receives the parcel with serious soaked or damaged, it will be returned directly or we will refuse to sign for it.

  • The warehouse has not updated the storage status even your parcel has already signed by the warehouse, it may because:

1. The courier notified that the warehouse has signed for the parcels, but in fact, the parcels haven’t arrived at the warehouse yet.

2. There are too many parcels in the warehouse and the staff haven’t scanned the code and updated the status yet.

3. Customers enter the wrong tracking number and the system fails to match the order you submitted.

4. The courier delivered to the wrong warehouse.

- If you found that the parcel has been signed for and the status has not been updated, you can check whether the tracking number is entered correctly, and just wait patiently for the warehouse staff to process it.

- If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our customer services.

  • The weight of the parcel is disputed.

    - The final weight/ volume of the parcel is measured by the warehouse.

- If you feel that the warehouse is deceptive on the measurement, please do not open and measure it by yourself in the first place when you get your parcel by taking photos on your measure and send it to the customer service to reflect your situation.