Insurance Policy

  • Our firm insurance only protects from goods missing and no protection for goods damage. 

- If your parcel is missing after it has been stored in the warehouse, our firm will pay the full amount of compensation; if the parcel is missing on the way from China to Malaysia, the compensation is able to be claimed.

- If your goods are unfortunately damaged after storage in the warehouse or during transport, the customer has to take their own responsibility and our company will not give any compensation.

- It is recommended that the supplier should pack the goods properly, and the valuable goods are recommended to be protected by wooden boxes.

  • For both air and sea freight, the maximum compensation for insurance is "3 times the shipping fees".
  • Insurance coverage does not include uncontrollable factors such as natural disasters, customs inspections, temporary changes in shipping plans by shipping/airline companies, or any other special circumstances resulting in delays, loss, or damage to the goods.
  • Our company reserves the right to the final interpretation and handling of all compensation claims.

Claim for compensation
  • If your parcel  is unfortunately lost, you need to contact customer service within a week to request compensation and provide the following information:

1. Proof of payment (i.e. If you use our remittance/ exchange system, you need to provide your bank transfer receipt; if you are a Taobao user, you can choose to screenshot the payment information on Taobao)

2. Proof of warehouse has already storage your goods (i.e. Screenshot the express information that the parcel has been signed by the warehouse)

3. Invoice of the supplier (i.e. If your supplier is an offline business, you need to provide the goods invoice; if you are a Taobao user, you need to take a screenshot of your goods information or the page of payment on Taobao)