LITE Google Extension Tutorial

  1. Add CIEF LITE Extension

           *Note: Please make sure that your Gmail has been logged in in Google Chrome.

             Then will direct you into this page, click "Add to Chrome".

             Click here to add the CIEF LITE Google Extension.

            Thus, click ”Add extension”

           Then, click "Turn on synchronization", when your Gmail is logged in to Google Chrome on any computer, you             can use the CIEF LITE extension~

    2. Add Parcel from Taobao/1688

    *Note:  After the seller ship out the products then we can add the parcel tracking number. 

    Login to Taobao, go to the menu and click "My Taobao>Bought product".

    Here you can see the "Add Parcel" button on the right. 


               3. “Submit Parcel”

      Click "Submit Parcel" and you will direct to the following interface. Here you can see the parcel you added. Then, you may submit the waybill.

      *Note: After submitting the waybill, if there are still packages that need to be shipped together, you may add them again~

      Or you may go to the top page, click "Submit Parcel", here will direct you to the CIEF LITE website.

               Other Options to Arrange Shipping

      Here you can click on the CIEF LITE extension on the top right corner or go to the official website to view it is also ok~

      After all packages arrive at the warehouse, weigh and pay, wait for the packages to arrive~
      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us~